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Avrum Nadigel

Author of "Learning to Commit", Relationship therapist, Former commitment-phobe

Avrum Nadigel has been a family and relationship therapist for over 15 years in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. His approach combines Family Systems, Psychodynamic and Mindfulness perspectives.

Avrum's background includes a Masters of Social Work from McGill University, a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) from Concordia University, and post-graduate training in Bowen Theory from The Western Pensylvania Family Center.

Avrum is the author of "Learning to Commit: The best time to work on your marriage is when you're single" (Self Counsel Press. Fall, 2015). Information about the book can be found here:

Avrum lives in Toronto with his wife, who is a child and adolescent psychiatrist; his two sons; and a lop-eared rabbit named Lester.
You Don't Know Who You're Marrying, and That's

You Don't Know Who You're Marrying, and That's OK

A conversation with my five-year-old son left me rather perplexed recently. It went something like this: Son: Daddy, when I grow up I'm going to get a boy dog and a girl dog. Me: Why, Izzy? Son: So I...
09/24/2015 05:46 EDT