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Avrum Rosensweig

Founder, The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian & Relief Committee

Avrum Rosensweig is the founder of Ve’ahavta: The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian & Relief Committee, Canada’s only Jewish humanitarian organization (est. 1996). Ve’ahavta’s mission statement is to encourage all peoples to play a role in tikun olam (repairing the world). Through his leadership, the Jewish community has worked with Canada’s homeless population and Native Canadians, orphans in Haiti, villagers in Guyana, doctors in Zimbabwe, and peoples and childrens of all backgrounds in Israel, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba, Turkey, Sri Lanka and many other countries. Last year Ve’ahavta launched a school for homeless/near homeless called the Ve’ahavta Street Academy, co-chaired by Hockey Night in Canada’s, Ron Maclean. Ve’ahavta has also joined Mia Farrow in her work in Sudan. Avrum has also written extensively over the last 25 years. He is a weekly columnists with the Canadian Jewish News writing on the Jewish people, Israel, people, slices-of-life and ideas. He has also been published in the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Ha’aretz and other publications. He is a dad and loves his cat, Lilly.
First Epilepsy, Then Homelessness, Then

First Epilepsy, Then Homelessness, Then Death

Warren used to be a manager of a Sporting Life. Later on, after the fits took over, we'd frequently find Warren sitting on the pavement with a gash to his forehead, or deep cuts on his fingers. These two disparate images were challenging. I wondered what Warren brought to our world; what was his journey all about?
04/09/2012 09:25 EDT
Leaf Nation: Men or

Leaf Nation: Men or Beasts?

With a few games left in the season the heartbreak is back. The question we have to wonder about now is, will we, the Leaf fans, and the 30-man roster of Leaf's players recapture the mutual respect we once had, or will the beast emerge again sentencing us to another year of scraped knees crawling around in the bushes of hockey despair?
04/09/2012 01:41 EDT
Facing Death by Tending

Facing Death by Tending It

Most of us avoid being to close to death whenever possible. We shun its shadowy appearance and hovering smell. Yet there are those who specialize in death, neither ignoring it nor shrouding it in protective symbolism. My friend participates in this process that he finds neither daunting or eerie, and, in fact, has taught him "the raw and real meaning of humility."
04/06/2012 10:38 EDT