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Awane Jones

President of Zone 3 VR & Founder of Merchlar and Co-Founder/ Former Partner of 5th Wall Agency - thought leader in VR&AR. His award-winning agencies, innovate with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360 Video.

I am the president of Zone 3 (Virtual Reality) and the founder of 'Merchlar', a company that pioneered the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sector in Canada. A Co-Founder and former partner at 5thWall agency and the Montreal Chapter President of the VR/AR Association. I am also a bilingual keynote speaker and have presented at several international conferences including SXSW, C2, G20, Capital Innovation Défi MTL etc. My award-winning agencies, have built immersive experiences for a number of high profile global brands such as Universal Pictures & Twitter.

You can find out more about Awane and Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality at

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Robots And Virtual

Robots And Virtual Reality

Robot Control through Virtual Reality: A Look at the Present, Potential and Future Applications Immersive media and entertainment aren't the only applications demonstrated by Virtual Reality (VR) tec...
05/15/2017 04:08 EDT
The Future Of Marketing Is With Marco_Piunti via Getty Images

The Future Of Marketing Is With VR

In a VR experience, you are put into a virtual world as someone who physically consumes space. Depending on the content, you can go from an observer to an influencer, where consumption of the virtual space and the content is totally up to you. You can choose what to observe, and follow each movement in multiple angles at your own speed -- you shape your own experience and consume the space and time differently than any other viewer.
10/19/2016 07:41 EDT
AR And VR Are The New Tides Of Digital Pharma Nadia Richie Studio via Getty Images

AR And VR Are The New Tides Of Digital Pharma Wave

It's natural for any industry to undergo changes, but few industries have experienced as many rapid changes as the pharmaceutical and health care ones. To remain relevant among these digitally wired consumers, big pharmaceutical companies have adjusted, making visible efforts to grab the audience's attention through web and mobile presence.
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How VR Can Help Executives Rehearse For Big Getty

How VR Can Help Executives Rehearse For Big Moments

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing at how dynamic mental imagery allows people to perform better. So then why aren't there enough studies focusing on using virtual reality as a performance booster for management executives who have to thrive under pressure? Well, there is now.
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Virtual Reality Can Help Donors See The Impact Of Charitable pixelliebe via Getty Images

Virtual Reality Can Help Donors See The Impact Of Charitable Giving

You see a pamphlet or a charity commercial about suffering kids in third world countries. Do you feel the kind of empathy that facilitates generosity, or do you feel the uncomfortable guilt that you try to avoid? At first, the shocking statistics and graphic photos worked -- the message was powerful and emotive. But after one too many pamphlets and commercials, the message is plain.
05/31/2016 04:15 EDT