Ayah Norris

Co-Creator, the INSIGHT Project

Ayah Norris is Co-Creator of The INSIGHT Project. Ayah graduated from the Queen’s School of Business, with a focus in marketing and international business strategy. She then followed the traditional corporate path, leading national initiatives in corporate strategy and marketing for a large Canadian company. A few years later, fueled by the power of art and storytelling to inspire change, Ayah made the full-time leap into building The INSIGHT Project.
What Media Companies Need to Learn About Selling to

What Media Companies Need to Learn About Selling to Millennials

Confession: we're bingers. You know what were talking about: wait for a full season of <em>Game of Thrones</em> to come out, block off a 'sick day,' and marathon all 10 episodes online. We've all been there. The way we watch and consume content is quickly evolving -- we're demanding more content, and we want it accessible and on-demand.
06/21/2013 12:15 EDT
Finding the Passion in People: The INSIGHT

Finding the Passion in People: The INSIGHT Project

For many of us in this generation who often had clear paths laid down for them, "the real world" seems to bring on feelings of confusion, frustration, and fear. Unfortunately, there's no clear set of instructions on what to do next. At the heart of our own quarter-life crisis, we wanted reality. So, we set out to find the people who inspired us in our own city. Through the stories of 15 community game-changers, local to Toronto, we uncovered incredible ideas, passions, and advice.
10/17/2012 05:06 EDT