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Barbara Aleks Hecht

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Barbara Aleks is a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant and Interior Designer at She helps women discover and live their own unique style; empowering them to transform themselves from the inside out, to become the confident, sexy women they were born to be and to live the amazing lives they were meant to live.

The Art of Layering for Spring Weather

April's a tricky month to dress for at best -- cool mornings, warm afternoons, rainy days. With this fluctuating weather comes the challenge of knowing how to dress for the day to be both comfortable and appropriately dressed. The key to dressing for these types of conditions is to layer.
04/19/2013 12:27 EDT

How to Wear Pastels This Spring

Lavender, peach, mint green, dusty rose. This year, one of the hottest Spring trends is pastels and as with many trends, some women aren't sure how to incorporate them into their existing wardrobe. If you're interested in giving pastels a go this spring but not sure how best to go about it, here are three ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe.
04/04/2013 08:05 EDT

Ladies, Stop Obsessing Over Your Butts

Google women such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce and see if you don't find multiple articles or comments about their fabulous behinds. If these celebrities get so much positive attention about their ample rear ends, why is it that many women still struggle with the size of their butt?
03/21/2013 12:15 EDT

Five Tips for Off-Retail Bargain Hunting at Winners

I'm a huge fan of high quality, well-made, designer clothing and accessories. Unfortunately my wallet doesn't always allow me to indulge as often as I'd like. So how does someone like me, who enjoys the finer things, manage to stay current and on trend while still maintaining my budget? The key is to know when and how to shop both regular and off-price retail. Here are my five tips to getting the most out of your shopping experience.
03/11/2013 05:31 EDT

To Waist or Not to Waist...

Sometimes the rules or recommendations that you see in magazines or on the web don't always ring true (for everyone). So how do you know when to follow the suggestions or disregard them? The answer lies in knowing yourself -- your body, your style, your lifestyle and your preferences.
02/20/2013 05:25 EST

This Valentine's, Ditch the Lingerie

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I'd find a little somethin' somethin' to wear to mark the occasion. You know -- something cute and sexy that only my Valentine would get to see. But lo and behold, once again, I left the lingerie stores empty handed, disappointed and wishing I hadn't eaten that family-size bag of Lays.
02/06/2013 12:04 EST

How to Be a Part-Time Hottie

Some days I feel like curling my hair, putting on my cutest clothes and heading out the door. Other days I hit the streets in my Sorels, hat and puffy coat (and pray that I don't bump into a client). I call it being a part-time hottie -- choosing to look your best and hottest whenever you darn well please.
01/22/2013 05:21 EST

Out With the Old? Not for These Five Classic Pieces

Every January there's always so much talk about embracing the new. What we don't typically hear about in January is keeping the old -- hanging on to the things that really work. So this January, instead of focusing on the newest, latest and hottest, I'm going to appreciate five classic keepers.
01/14/2013 05:20 EST

Sequins and Leather and Lace, Oh My!

What better time of year to pull out the sequins, leather and lace than the holiday season? Whether it's a cocktail party, dinner with friends or a gathering to trim the tree, how about donning something special to mark the festive occasion. Below I've provided three looks for each of the materials.
12/24/2012 12:18 EST

Be the Belle of the Ball, Not the Office Ho-Ho-Ho

When it comes to office holiday parties, there's almost always One. The One who looks absolutely incredible. The One who, when you see her, you do a double-take and can't believe your eyes. Here are five simple ways to ensure that you're The One at the office holiday party that they're discussing around the water cooler Monday morning -- in a good way.
12/18/2012 08:19 EST

Five Ways to Dress for Success at Your Holiday Party

Whether for business or pleasure, most people's December schedules are filled with cocktail parties and get-togethers. So how do successfully manage to stay on top of all these events, knowing that you're going out looking your absolute best? Here are five ways to ensure that you're well prepared and looking fabulous for any and all of your holiday festivities.
11/28/2012 05:47 EST

How to Find and Wear the Perfect Sweater

As the temperature drops, there's nothing better than throwing on a great sweater to keep you warm. I've realized that there are three things I always consider when hunting for the perfect sweater. As a matter of fact, these three things can also be applied to any other tops, jackets or coats you may be considering.
11/15/2012 08:25 EST

According to Some Guys, Crazy Ain't Hot

I met a fella the other day, named Steve. Steve and I were discussing what he considers hot in a woman and according to him, passion is hot. Yet once that woman's passion crosses the line to fanaticism, obsession or a little cray-cray, she loses her appeal. And apparently that line is extremely fine. I asked Steve to provide me with a few examples and here is what he shared.
11/06/2012 12:24 EST
Raydene Salinas/HP

My Favourite Kind of Bootie Call

They can be worn any time of the year, but with fall in full swing, nothing beats a great pair of booties. With jeans, skirts and everything in between, the right bootie can take an outfit from drab to fab. Here are some my favourite picks for the season and tips on what to look for when shopping for the perfect pair.
10/26/2012 07:49 EDT
Raydene Salinas/HP

This Stylist Has a Little Secret

I have a little secret. Something that only my immediate family knows. Something, that as a stylist, I would never dare to share... I wear Sponge Bob socks. Why am I wasting your time with this seemingly useless information? Because the whole situation got me thinking that you never know what goes on below the surface or behind closed doors.
10/18/2012 08:32 EDT

These Breasts Are Real and They're Mine

If you missed the first episode of The Bachelor Canada, then you missed all the boob talk. Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs. Why is it that some women are so fascinated with whether or not another woman's breasts are "real" or "fake"? Is a potato stuffed with cheese no longer a potato? I rest my case.
10/08/2012 12:11 EDT

Why Is Confidence So Sexy?

Confidence seems to be the one thing that most people find extremely attractive. But what is it about confidence that makes it so sexy? Why are we more likely to be drawn to someone who is confident than to someone who is insecure or needy? Being the consummate professional, I decided to do some research.
10/03/2012 12:36 EDT

Five Ways to Update Your Look For Less

Many of us ladies like to change things up. Every once in a while, we like to update our look or change the way we do things. Quite often, this can result in a bit of excess, adding to an already full closet or brimming drawers. How can we change the way we look, how we dress or put ourselves together, without adding more? How can we update our look with less?
09/27/2012 08:44 EDT

Are You Ever Too Old to Be Hot?

It seems to me that being sexy and appealing knows no bounds. Both men and women seem to be attracted to both younger and older. Men dating older women, women dating older men. Obviously there's something at play there. Has it always been this way or is our view of beauty changing?
09/17/2012 12:07 EDT
H&M/Cole Haan/Top Shop

Last Year's Boot Trends That Are Still Hot This Fall

Given our climate here in Canada, boots are a staple that most of us either can't live without or wouldn't want to. Often when you invest in a good, solid pair of boots you'd like them to last more than one season. This year you're in luck. Here is a list of just some of Fall's hottest boots that you might have lurking in your closet, waiting to come out. Again.
09/12/2012 07:59 EDT