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Barbara Morris-Blake

Inspirational Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator and Catalyst for Change

Barbara Morris is an inspirational speaker, consultant, trainer, facilitator and catalyst for change. As President of Elevate Organizations ( and a Certified Professional Coach, Barbara guides individuals, teams and organizations past barriers and toward high engagement, high value and high performance.

With more than 15 years of experience leading a successful consulting company, executives, entrepreneurs and managers have come to rely on Barbara as an effective problem solver and change navigator. Business and professional groups frequently call upon her to share her insights and tips for developing proficient leaders and inspiring a workplace culture of performance.
Inspiring Your Work Team to Be Like a

Inspiring Your Work Team to Be Like a Start-Up

Many of the most successful companies on the planet are start-ups that didn't even exist a few years ago, or sometimes just a few months ago. How do they get so successful? Partly through inspiration...
05/28/2014 11:33 EDT
Leadership is 10% Perspiration, 90% Getty

Leadership is 10% Perspiration, 90% Inspiration

OK, maybe the exact ratio isn't 10-90, but the point is that one of the most important traits of an effective leader is the ability to inspire others. If you aren't as inspiring a leader as you'd like to be, can you become more inspiring? Absolutely.
10/31/2013 05:35 EDT
What You Must Do to Be a Top Performer at

What You Must Do to Be a Top Performer at Work

The fact is, many of us participate in learning activities without actually applying what we learn to what we do. We may sit in a seminar because we're expected to attend. But if we want to become more knowledgeable and skillful, improve our performance at work, advance in our careers, then we must be open to learning. We need to make four commitments.
09/27/2013 05:28 EDT