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Barry Dennison


Barry Dennison is a Canadian freelance print/broadcast journalist in Toronto, specializing in legal affairs and human rights issues.
'Elbowgate' Shows Parliament Could Use A Shot Of

'Elbowgate' Shows Parliament Could Use A Shot Of Empathy

In the highest House in the land, our elite Parliament institutionalizes dissent, complimented by a poor quality of communication in the form of continual opposition where no one appears to be working together. It's barbaric. Everyone would benefit from lessons in expressing themselves with more empathy toward others.
05/20/2016 01:13 EDT
Prison Reform Should Be on the Federal Election

Prison Reform Should Be on the Federal Election Agenda

Traditionally, no one cares about guards working in prisons with the lowest of the low in society, yet that is where my life's work began years ago -- working as a Correctional Officer in a human warehouse that systematically destroys staff and inmates alike. Notwithstanding, I've dedicated my life to seeing through the development of this idea because I have seen, first-hand, the goodness of inmates, guards and administration who are in an out-of-control system that can't alone meet the needs of everyone, or even come near being able to deal with the multiplicity of internal issues involved.
08/06/2015 12:55 EDT