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Bart Egnal

Leadership communications coach

Bart has spent over a decade working with senior executives and their teams to help them speak as influential, inspirational leaders. His passion is helping individuals and organizations to define and communicate ideas that lead to business results.

He began his career with The Humphrey Group in Toronto as a speech writer and coach, and has taken on progressively more senior roles. In 2009 he opened the firm’s Vancouver office, in 2011 the firm’s Calgary office, and in 2013 oversaw the firm’s entry into Mexico. He assumed the CEO role in January of 2014.

Bart continues to work as an executive coach while designing and leading the delivery of enterprise-wide programs that foster leadership through communication at all levels. He also works in a communication advisory and consulting capacity in areas including talent management, diversity, investor relations, and on regulated filings and hearings.

Bart has an Honours B.A. in history from the University of Toronto. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, road bike racing and being a dad.
Leaders Ditch Jargon For Words That Influence And

Leaders Ditch Jargon For Words That Influence And Inspire

Today virtually every workplace and every profession is awash in jargon. And like never before, people are fed up. Yet even those who condemn and loathe jargon are quick to say in the same breath that they couldn't possibly get away without using it.
03/14/2016 03:16 EDT
PR Lessons From Jian's Failed Attempt at Spinning His

PR Lessons From Jian's Failed Attempt at Spinning His Story

This abrupt about face looked terrible because his retreat stood in stark contrast to his initial proactive "openness." Had he only made the second post, he would have come across as someone seeking to present his story through the appropriate channels. Yet the contrast with his first post made him appear as someone who was fleeing accusations he could not refute.
11/04/2014 05:44 EST