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Bee Quammie

Freelance Writer. Caribbean Rum Specialist. Magic Maker.

Bee Quammie is a Toronto-based blogger/freelance writer, health fanatic, and lover of all things fly. <br> <br> In 2011, Bee launched '83 To Infinity, a blog that focuses on life's various journeys - including natural hair care, health & wellness, career tips, and relationships. '83 To Infinity's mission is to empower readers to see that it's "never too late to learn something new, do something new, or be someone new." Life is the ultimate teacher, so Bee pulls from personal passions and real-life experiences to connect with her readers. <br> <br> Bee graduated with an Hons. BHSc from the University of Western Ontario, and is completing a post-grad Health Promotion certificate at George Brown College. Her health care background extends from mental health research to international health to community outreach for adults with acquired brain injury. <br> <br> Bee has been a workshop leader and panelist for a variety of events, and her writing has been featured on,,, and other online publications.
Toronto's Other Film

Toronto's Other Film Festival

As Toronto and the film industry gear up for another go-round at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) next month, another cinematic showcase is prepping for its opening in the city. The CaribbeanTales Toronto Film Showcase gets underway on August 17th and continues into September.
08/15/2013 05:28 EDT
Find Your Way To

Find Your Way To Self-Love

The importance of self-love is something that has never been lost on me, but it was something that, until recently, I could only really pinpoint in others. Without self-love, I found myself in relationships, friendships, and other situations which were not healthy. But self-love has nothing to do with anyone except you.
02/06/2013 12:05 EST
Where Are the Black Women on

Where Are the Black Women on SNL?

For as long as I can remember, save for the comedic goddess that is Maya Rudolph, the only Black women I've seen on SNL were the musical guests -- or the Black male cast members in drag. A look back at the history of SNL reveals that in the show's 38-season run (first airing on October 11, 1975), there have been only three Black female cast members -- Danitra Vance, Ellen Cleghorne, and the aforementioned Maya Rudolph. So, what gives? It would be wonderful if we even had a Black woman host SNL once in a while. Halle Berry hosted back in 2003. Janet Jackson and Queen Latifah played host/musical guest double duty in 2004. Since then, no Black woman has graced the stage in a hosting capacity.
12/14/2012 11:56 EST