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Ben McNelly

Executive Program Director, Debate Mate USA

Ben McNelly is a graduate of Queen’s University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, he currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.
Don't Let Gunshots Change Canada's

Don't Let Gunshots Change Canada's Values

We as Canadians pride ourselves on being open and welcoming of all people, regardless of where they're from and who they are. Our values have led us to be world leaders in progressive legislation and our acceptance of all groups is a characteristic of Canada that makes us unique. It makes me proud every day. Naturally, any threat to these values is unnerving. When we recover from this, we must remember that to change our behaviour because we feel threatened would be to concede that our values can be punctured by the awful actions of a few. We must remain strong and free.
10/22/2014 03:23 EDT