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Benjamin Morris

Middle class political junkie, and wannabee journalist.

Ben Morris was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He currently lives in Calgary, where he studies journalism at SAIT. He loves to follow politics, sports, and pop culture. He is also a long suffering Bomber fan who wishes he was as bad ass as Jack Bauer.

Why Dissent is Important

You're a prisoner in your own home. Not able to fall asleep from the gunfire down the street, you fear that your house is next. You protested a new law that gave even more power to a despotic government. One of your friends was murdered, another was raped. This is a fear that has not played out in the western world. We have security, peace, and far more freedom than others.
02/24/2014 04:48 EST

Community Consultation Must be Addressed in October Elections

Many issues will come up when the civic elections happen in October. One important issue that should take a seat front and centre in the campaigns is whether the City cares about public engagement when it comes to new developments that are due to appear right next door to your home. If the cases of the Stadium Centre and Shawnee-Evergreen developments are of any indication, Calgarians should expect a rude awakening when plans are put in place to reshape communities.
09/20/2013 03:49 EDT

Trudeau is on the Right Side of Marijuana Debate

When Justin Trudeau announced to a crowd in BC that he supported the legalization of marijuana, he took a brave, yet proper stance on the wasteful, and tyrannical war on marijuana. Marijuana criminalization has ruined lives, and has distracted law enforcement into wasting their time and resources on a personal activity that shouldn't be a crime. Trudeau is on the side of common sense while the Conservatives are on the side of insanity, ignorance, and foolishness.
07/29/2013 05:19 EDT

Looking Back On Winnipeg From Flooded Calgary

As I lay here in my home in south Calgary I consider myself lucky and grateful. My home is completely dry, just like my home in Winnipeg back in the Flood of the Century of 1997. Although I was left unscathed I can still feel the confusion, frustration, and shock.
06/26/2013 06:54 EDT

Redford Tells Albertans Corporatism is More Important Than Education

The Redford government gave Shell, $745 million back in 2012 to build the Quest CCS plant outside Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. At a time when our budget is operating under a deficit, the Premier is spending our taxpayer money to prop up billion-dollar corporations. That is what we call old fashion crony capitalism.
04/06/2013 03:34 EDT

Addicting Info's Shameful Politicizing of Mindy McCready's Death

Addicting Info is one of the leading liberal websites that use any story possible to advocate gun control. That was proven on February 19, when they posted a link on their Facebook page with a tag line that reads, "Singer Mindy McCready's Death Highlights Tragic Statistic.
02/20/2013 06:39 EST

Olivia Culpo, You've Got It Wrong About Pot

You can't expect intelligence from a person whose job is to stand there and look pretty. Miss Universe does not debate string theory with astrophysicists, at universities all over America. So when a n...
01/02/2013 01:39 EST

Fischer, Huckabee Shame Christians In Wake Of Newtown Massacre

I, like everyone, was clued to my computer and my TV Friday morning. My heart sat in my stomach as I thought of what the parents, family, and friends of those 20 dead children were going through. I can't imagine my nieces, and nephews lying dead in an elementary school classroom. Even thinking of that breaks my heart.
12/17/2012 12:32 EST

Misplaced Rage Over A Prank Gone Wrong

We live in a world that is sadly uninformed. A world where real issues are ignored simply, because the public likes to place anger on people who don't deserve it, while they continue to be ignorant on issues of grave societal importance.
12/11/2012 04:14 EST

In Tribute Of Hitch

On December 15th, I will turn 29. Sadly, my birthday will mark the one year anniversary of Christopher Hitchens' death. I will never be Christopher Hitchens, no one will, but he is a hero of mine. Hitchens had a massive intellect, and his writing skills were exemplary. His work had many admirers including myself. His writing, courage, and hard work is something I hope to emulate.
12/07/2012 07:47 EST

Peace Will Come When Israel's Sins Are Recognized

Whenever Hamas attacks Israel, who responds with the bombing of Gaza, opinions are wide spread. Often they are tainted by racism, xenophobia, and all out insanity. That is a huge problem when you look at America's relationship with Israel, and how many in Washington, and the media, side with the 62-year-old country.
11/24/2012 01:53 EST

Chris Kluwe's Stance on Marriage is The Right One

The issue of marriage equality is one in which the opponents infuriate me like few others. No state official and no stranger has any right to infringe on a contract between two people. I, nor you, have any right to tell anyone who to fall in love with, who to have sex with, or who to marry, unless the person you decide to marry has been coerced into the contract or is underage. If two adult males have a relationship and want to marry, it is their choice and it should be respected.
11/09/2012 03:49 EST

The Callousness of Marijuana Prohibition

I have met family men and women who smoke marijuana after a hard day of work. They hang out with their kids, put them to bed, and smoke a joint. Should these men and women be put in jail for choosing to inhale a substance that is safer than alcohol? The answer is no.
10/29/2012 02:15 EDT

From Someone Who's Been There, Bullying Has Gone Way Too Far

I was called every name in the book, my locker was vandalized, but I did nothing. I simply tried to ignore it all. Every day in the first half of my freshmen year I was reminded what the kids thought of me, and those thoughts weren't nice ones. Eventually, magically, they stopped bullying me, and ended up ignoring me. It was a nice trade off, but my mind, my thoughts and my future were already damaged.
10/12/2012 04:55 EDT