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Bernardo Cardoso

More than expensive clothes or conforming to one aesthetic. The Principles of Style will make you look better, smell better,and feel better.

Bernardo Cardoso (you can call him "Bernie") is a style and fragrance writer/blogger, hailing from Toronto, Canada.

In his younger years, an honest friend once told him he often looked like a mess. Not even a hot mess, just a mess. After the initial shock, he did something about it; he obsessively read about men’s style.
After much research, shopping around, and trial-and-error, he managed to cultivate his image into something presentable.

The Principles of Style has been created to help men (and some women) navigate through the confusing world of men’s style, to save these style-conscious individuals the effort and time it takes to get it right.

Bernie currently manages The Principles of Style, and is currently designing the website
5 Fashion Faux-Pas You Actually Shouldn't

5 Fashion Faux-Pas You Actually Shouldn't Avoid

A fashion faux-pas is what is considered a style blunder. It is something one must not do, in order to not deviate from the societal norm, and spare oneself embarrassment. So they say. Concepts of what's fashionable and what's not, are subjective and ever-changing.
07/22/2016 03:14 EDT