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Bettina Stangneth

German based philosopher. She is nominated for the Cundill Prize for her book Eichmann Before Jerusalem: UNEXAMINED LIFE OF A MASS MURDERER

Bettina Stangneth is a finalist for the Cundill Prize for her book Eichmann Before Jerusalem:THE UNEXAMINED LIFE OF A MASS MURDERER,. The Cundill Prize is the world's richest prize for a history book - $75,000 US.

Bettina Stangneth wrote her dissertation on Immanuel Kant and the concept of radical evil. Ever since then she has been researching a theory of the lie and has written widely on anti-Semitism in eighteenth-century and National Socialist philosophy. In 2000 she was awarded first prize by the Philosophical Political Academy, Cologne, and she received the German NDR nonfiction book award for Eichmann Before Jerusalem in 2011. Bettina Stangneth is an independent philosopher and lives in Hamburg, Germany.
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The Architect Of The Holocaust Was Evil And A Thinker

We have cultivated an image of the Nazi as anything but a thinking man -- but reading the writings of Adolf Eichmann confronts us with the disturbing fact that National Socialism gets its power from a fundamental and consistent criticism of the ideas of reason and justice. The Holocaust was anything but an unthinkable crime.
10/30/2015 03:55 EDT