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Betty Ann Heggie

Blogger, Columnist, Activist

Betty-Ann Heggie, a member of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women Hall of Fame, retired from her position as a Senior VP with PotashCorp 6 years ago. Since then she has devoted her time to getting more women at the decision-making table and has founded a program at her alma mater, the University of Saskatchewan to mentor working women. A popular speaker she also shares her thoughts and ideas through a weekly newspaper column, as a radio talk show guest, blogs and newsletters.
If Hollywood Can Think Outside The Gender Box, So Can Getty

If Hollywood Can Think Outside The Gender Box, So Can You

I first paid attention to this in September, at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). When describing her role in the new film Our Brand is Crisis, Sandra Bullock ‎told the audience it had originally been written for a man. In fact, George Clooney intended to play it, but he was too busy. She loved the dynamic part and blazed forward, asking the producers to make the lead female, rather than male. They agreed to do the gender swap, and other than changing her character's name, hardly tweaked the role at all.
11/02/2015 02:23 EST
The Best Female Leaders Seek Constructive Jupiterimages via Getty Images

The Best Female Leaders Seek Constructive Criticism

The best female leaders have very high expectations for themselves and constantly raise the bar by seeking constructive criticism. Then, when told where they made mistakes, rather than berating themselves, they treat the feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement. That constructive narrative enables them to separate criticism from feelings of self-worth.
10/08/2015 06:08 EDT
5 Small Steps Male Leaders Can Take to Retain Female Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

5 Small Steps Male Leaders Can Take to Retain Female Employees

I had a discussion about the advancement of women with the senior partner of a major law firm. Frustrated with the leaky pipeline of women in his organization, he described hiring equal numbers of men and women but found the turnover rate for female associates to be three to four times that of the males. Rather than throwing up his hands in dismay, there are things he can do to retain women employees.
09/10/2015 12:25 EDT
Women Leaders Know What They ASSOCIATED PRESS

Women Leaders Know What They Value

When women know what they value, they naturally become leaders. Their lives have meaning, which gives them more energy. They take more risks in the name of their cause and are more resilient when things don't go as planned. All of this adds up to more of that precious commodity known as "presence."
07/08/2015 12:15 EDT
What Women Must Do to See Themselves as Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

What Women Must Do to See Themselves as Leaders

Each of us, male or female, form our identity using a combination of who we are inside and what the outside world feeds back to us. It's the latter that creates a problem for ambitious women. When people around us make it clear they don't see our gender as leaders, through actions or lack of action, it is more difficult for us to believe it as well.
06/03/2015 05:20 EDT
When Women Take Risks in Getty

When Women Take Risks in Business

Even though not every risk delivers the results we desire, one thing is certain: the biggest risk for a woman is to hold back and try to be one of the crowd. If we hide what makes us special and unique, our companies will suffer and so will our careers. It is a lost opportunity.
04/02/2015 12:33 EDT
This Year, Let Go of Getty Images

This Year, Let Go of Perfectionism

On my desk is a glass paperweight with an important question carved on one side. "What would you do if you had no fear?" it says. Seeing the inquiry, a friend asked for my response, and without hesitation I answered, "Give up perfectionism." She casually suggested that that would be a good New Year's resolution, and I felt the fear rise in my chest. Could I be successful in the world without trying to attain perfection?
01/07/2015 06:08 EST
How To Sail Though This Holiday Mike Kemp via Getty Images

How To Sail Though This Holiday Season

To make the most of your energy you need to know yourself. What people, places and situations give you energy and which ones take it away? In the same way that the successful sailor stops to feel the wind, you must feel your energy. What energizes each of us it is different and there are no right or wrong answers. What catches my sail might leave you stranded at the dock.
12/11/2014 01:17 EST
Break Down That Workplace Gender Bias With These Simple Tom Merton via Getty Images

Break Down That Workplace Gender Bias With These Simple Tips

The guys I worked with teased me. They saw me as a hospitable female underling, lucky to be included at a sales meeting. I continued to disarm them with copious levels of service and their unconscious bias prevented them from seeing me as competition. By 1989, I was promoted to be a Vice President in head office and had leap frogged over most all of the guys in that meeting!
11/17/2014 02:51 EST
When Women Use Masculine Energy in the imagewerks via Getty Images

When Women Use Masculine Energy in the Workplace

If you are a woman working in a male-dominated environment it is easy to feel like a square peg in a round hole. You need to bring your authentic self to work to feel good about yourself, but your natural approach to situations is often different than that of your male co-workers. Rest assured that fitting in and being yourself are both possible.
09/12/2014 05:59 EDT
Storytelling Creates

Storytelling Creates Leaders

All over the world human beings seek a wise person to tell them a story, to give them something to believe in and make them feel that they belong to something. At their core, our world history, our family history and all major world religions are simply a series of stories, emitted by a leader, and then retold.
07/23/2014 05:12 EDT
Stop Scheduling and Start Enjoying Franek Strzeszewski via Getty Images

Stop Scheduling and Start Enjoying Life

If you are constantly monitoring and managing your time, you'll limit the ability of your special gift to come through. In your effort to control, your creativity will be stifled, and you'll do what you think you should, as opposed to allowing your true talent to emerge. The expectation of security that comes from controlling time actually limits your potential.
06/05/2014 08:23 EDT
Saying Yes to Your Passion Can Mean Saying No to Shutterstock

Saying Yes to Your Passion Can Mean Saying No to Others

It's the time we clean our closets to get rid of things that no longer work, hoping to add something bright and colourful. By following that same practice with our behaviours we can live a more expansive and rewarding life. Start by learning to say yes to your passions and no to things that get in the way, especially items on another's agenda!
04/03/2014 01:05 EDT
Renewal Is in Special

Renewal Is in Special Moments

The moment the first spring crocus finds its way through the earth's brown crust and stretches toward the sun, we feel the power of renewal. Things may have been 'snowed over' for a while but no one s...
03/07/2014 04:37 EST