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Beverley Golden

Writer + Author of "Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie"

Beverley Golden is a writer, raconteur and soul hippie who has written everything from song lyrics to magazine articles. She enjoys researching, designing and building stories and loves stimulating ideas and inspiring conversations.

Beverley is the author of Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie her first full length book; a memoir combining her anecdotal stories taken from her years in the entertainment industry, coupled with her stories of survival, from a lifetime lived with health issues.

As a “self-professed guinea pig”, she's always willing to find and test unconventional ways to shift paradigms in the playing fields of health care, storytelling and world peace. She continues to take what she is told is impossible and transform it into possible. Her signature mantra is "Trust your intuition even when no one else sees your point of view".

twitter: @goldenbeverley
Toronto Women's March: I've Always Been Marching In My Own Beverley Golden

Toronto Women's March: I've Always Been Marching In My Own Way

When I first heard about the Women's March on Washington back in November, I felt called to get involved. I've used my words and my voice over the years, but have never physically marched. It was finally the time! I decided to stand with the thousands of other concerned citizens and march in solidarity here in Toronto.
01/25/2017 10:54 EST

You Say You Want a Revolution...

As astrology predicted, what happened during the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the '60s, would manifest globally when these two planets reached their first square. If you haven't heard, we just came out of a three-year period (2012 to 2015) where we experienced seven exact squares of Uranus and Pluto!
08/11/2016 02:28 EDT
My Mother Taught Me Living To 100 Is All About Beverley Golden

My Mother Taught Me Living To 100 Is All About Attitude

When people ask what her "secret" is, she laughs, as she honestly cannot believe she is 100. That's a big part of what aging well looks like, too. Of all the lessons my mother leaves those who know her, is her love of living and desire to be here. To be active, to contribute and to live life to the max, regardless of your circumstances.
03/29/2016 11:44 EDT
You Should Take Fun NiseriN

You Should Take Fun Seriously

Although we have more leisure time in our lives, we are having less fun. We could reap the benefits throughout our lives if we would give ourselves permission to indulge in some childlike fun. Realizing that I might not have been taking fun seriously, I'm committed to now share freely my own particular brand of fun without hesitation with anyone who asks.
07/17/2015 12:07 EDT
Spelling it All Out on The

Spelling it All Out on The Page

At sometime in our lives, many of us have probably stopped to imagine what it would be like to live with unlimited fortune and much-deserved fame. Well, at least I did when I was young. If you had ask...
03/09/2015 02:41 EDT
What Would You Like To See Women Recognized

What Would You Like To See Women Recognized For?

As a writer, I rarely know exactly where my next article will come from. Writing primarily when inspired to, new pieces are a culmination of things I see, read or that show up for me in often most une...
02/26/2015 10:58 EST
Kafka & Langer: An Unusually Complex

Kafka & Langer: An Unusually Complex Friendship

All any of us wants is to be seen and to be heard. This longing is at the core of our human beingness. Most never get the opportunity to share their life story in a way that impacts many. Why some peo...
09/08/2014 12:00 EDT
Visionary on a Mission - Introducing Saki

Visionary on a Mission - Introducing Saki Mafundikwa

There are people who believe you can't go home again. Saki Mafundikwa isn't one of them. Born in Zimbabwe, he exhibited an extraordinary talent for drawing from an early age, yet his options appeared limited, as the idea of "design" was unknown.
07/20/2014 10:55 EDT
Not a Cat

<i>Not</i> a Cat Person

When my brother Niel and I were young, we begged our parents for a dog. After finally wearing them down, they said "yes" and my lifelong love affair with dogs began. My experience is that dogs are gre...
05/12/2014 04:37 EDT
The Mother of All

The Mother of All Mothers

Growing up in the 50's and 60's, my mother Lillian was primarily a "stay-at-home"mother. It's not that she didn't have high aspirations for her future, as she dreamed of being a dancer. However, times required she go to work directly after graduating high school as a bookkeeper for a dress manufacturer, her professional dancing dreams dashed.
05/07/2014 11:34 EDT
Are You Taking Advantage of the Clouds In Your

Are You Taking Advantage of the Clouds In Your Life?

When you hear the word "cloud", what's the first thing that comes to your mind? In our technology driven world, I imagine that many immediately think of "cloud" in relation to the internet; a generall...
04/23/2014 11:42 EDT