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Bhumica Rota

Mom to the Extreme, Television Producer and Writer

Bhumica Rota is a television producer and a mom of two. She started her career as a business television journalist – interviewing heavyweights like Bill Gates and Jack Welch. It’s her love of scandal, stars and gossip that originally attracted her to covering company earnings, boardroom politics and powerful CEOs. Reading their biographies and about dirty backroom dealings intrigued her and now she gets her gossip fix daily as Senior Producer of CTV's etalk, Canada’s number one entertainment show. Bhumica enjoys celebrity journalism because it is fun, forgiving and a guilty pleasure. When Bhumica is not following Lindsay’s courtroom drama or Jennifer Aniston’s love life she is with the stars of her own reality show, her husband, daughter and son. Bhumica loves her husband. Loves love. Loves her kids – a lot! And loves to mix business with pleasure and write about being a mom with celebrity flare.
Why I Love Kim and Kanye's Unusual Baby

Why I Love Kim and Kanye's Unusual Baby Name

Just like new mom Kim Kardashian, I too have children with unusual names which is why I think North West is perfect. In fact, it's genius given the last name. It's so extraordinary it's exceptional. I applaud it.
06/24/2013 12:17 EDT
I Have Become

I Have Become "That Mom"

Oh, Kathie Lee Gifford, how I feel so bad for the way I treated you and for all the things I said. I really do wish I could take it all back and rewind time and cherish every picture you showed and every mundane and not mundane story you ever told about your Cody and Cassidy on <em>Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee</em>. Because I am now you. I am that mom.
03/01/2013 12:24 EST