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Bilan Arte

National Chairperson @CFSFCEE. In Solidarity / Toujours Solidaire.

National Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students, Canada's largest students' union. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, my passion for equity led me to engage with the student movement, and I am proud to now serve the 600,000 members of the CFS.
It's Time For Canada To Embrace Free tyannar81 via Getty Images

It's Time For Canada To Embrace Free Tuition

Our post-secondary system is broken, and must be changed. At one time, a summer job could pay for one's college or university costs. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's yearly tuition bill in 1995 was $1,694, while Premier Kathleen Wynne paid $637 in 1967. That era is over thanks to a lack of political leadership. It is time for a new generation of students to fight for a better system.
10/17/2016 12:44 EDT
Trudeau, Don't Cut Youth Out Of The Federal Chris So via Getty Images

Trudeau, Don't Cut Youth Out Of The Federal Budget

Are we a genuine focus, or was #PMJT merely appealing to student and youth voters by addressing our federal election campaign demands? Following a campaign with such a strong focus on young people, we should expect nothing less than Trudeau's promises to youth to be included in his first budget as prime minister.
03/22/2016 08:07 EDT
We're Making Student Issues Election Canadian Federation of Students

We're Making Student Issues Election Issues

We're not waiting for parties to take us seriously, we're going to the polls to show them we're serious about electing candidates who make postsecondary education a priority in a meaningful way. We need to hear of plans for reduced tuition fees, increased access to grants and forgiven student debt. This election, students know the stakes. Students don't need to be convinced to vote for an abstract reason -- the truth is as a student, you must vote this election because if you don't, you're giving our next government permission to continue ignoring you and your future.
10/05/2015 12:08 EDT