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Bill Gallagher

Strategist, Lawyer, Author

Bill Gallagher LL.B. is an experienced strategist in the dynamic area of native, government, and corporate relations and is an authority on the rise of native empowerment in the Canadian resources sector. Having just completed his much anticipated book: Resource Rulers; Fortune and Folly on Canada’s Road to Resources wherein he analyzes how and why natives have amassed the most significant winning streak in Canadian legal history; replete with cause-and-effect linkages and lessons learned in terms of project strategies and consequences.

Having defused native logging tensions in New Brunswick’s ‘War in the Woods’; oil patch eco-terrorism in Alberta; helping guide Inco’s Voisey’s Bay impact benefits agreements to successful conclusion (the most complex resource dispute in Canada), his career as a strategist builds on previous career successes as a corporate lawyer in Calgary, an energy regulator in Ottawa and offshore petroleum boards, devolution negotiator in the Territories, and a treaty negotiator on the prairies (#s 1 to 5). He has advanced many major projects for ‘blue chip’ clients in all regions of the country from mine development, transmission lines, forest management, to integrated resource outcomes. He frequently is a conference presenter on the ‘rise of native empowerment’.
Fracking Protests in NB: Why Resource Projects Are in

Fracking Protests in NB: Why Resource Projects Are in Peril

This latest energy hubbub is not about corporate power and exploitation rights. Rather it's about the rise of native empowerment and the deal that Canada has yet to strike with natives that recognizes that they are power-brokers in shaping project outcomes. Rexton is but a symptom that all is not well, right across the country, in terms of business-as-usual approaches for resource access. There's more to come!
10/18/2013 12:36 EDT
The Ring of Fire Is Headed for a

The Ring of Fire Is Headed for a Deep-Freeze

With multi-billion dollar projects adrift in the James Bay lowlands, really, is this how Ontarians want to see their future resources managed? With this outcome, the Ring of Fire now heads into the deep-freeze -- the last five years squandered -- the next five years now left to litigation lawyers to advance private interests.
09/29/2013 11:03 EDT