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Bill Morneau

Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre

Bill Morneau is an accomplished business leader who has been an active volunteer in Toronto Centre for more than 20 years. Currently, Bill serves as the Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre, and the Minister of Finance for Canada.

When Bill became President of Morneau Shepell in 1990 the firm employed 200 people and provided employee benefits and pension services. Under his leaderships the company expanded to become the largest Canadian human resources company, employing 4000 people in Canada and around the world.

Bill studied retirement issues as a member of the Government of Ontario's Pension Advisory Council and, in 2012, he was appointed as Pension Investment Advisor to Ontario's Minister of Finance.

Bill's community service in Toronto Centre is extensive. He has worked to support the arts, help street kids, and improve access to health care and education. He was chair of the board of St. Michael's Hospital, Covenant House and the CD Howe Institute, and sat on the boards of The Loran Scholars Foundation, and The Learning Partnership.

Internationally, Bill founded a special school for Somali and Sudanese youth in an African refugee camp. In 2002,

Bill was named one of Canada's Top 40 Under 40. He has co-authored a book, The Real Retirement, and has authored numerous articles on public policy issues. Bill holds a Bachelor of Arts from Western University, a Masters of Science from the London School of Economics and an MBA from INSEAD.

Canada Needs a Government That Is Focused on Economic Nobuo Kawaguchi/Aflo via Getty Images

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One of the most important steps the Canadian government can take to kickstart the economy is a large-scale program directed at renewing our national infrastructure. It will help drive job creation while generating about $1.60 of GDP for every $1 spent. And it will transform the present value of low interest rates into long-term capital assets underpinning greater Canadian productivity.
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It's in Every Canadian's Best Interest for the Middle Class to Grow

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