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Billie Carn

Crazy Girl Founder & CEO [Crazy Energetic One] at

I believe in the crazy ones of today and every kid who gets told 'Why can't you be like everyone else?' Because they're the crazy ones of tomorrow. I believe in challenging the status quo in business and life, because thinking different is what pushes humanity forward and finds solutions to the world's wickedest challenges.

Using my research knowledge, experience and mindset I inspire companies and individuals to challenge their own status quo. My mission is to inspire craziness in the sane world - life and business.

For the last 3 years I've been exploring What, How and Why do Mavericks operate the way they do in business? I've Interviewed 97 global different thinkers [to date]; artists to chocolatiers, venture capitalists to DJ’s, technologists to philanthropists who laugh in the face of the status quo - well it became one of the biggest adventures of my life.

I'm a crazy, energetic, fun, adventurous, brave, inspiring, emotionally intelligent go getter and innovator who believes that everything is possible and is happy to fail big time in the process of striving for this; as long as I'm learning along the way. I use an obtuse polymath approach to solution finding.

Driver - To build a Children’s Foundation [natural progression for a child health lecturer turned entrepreneur].

“Crazy is believing you can learn from 100 Crazy Ones [aka Business Mavericks], then create a movement/business that helps to solve the world’s wicked problems.”
There's Nothing Better Than Being in Love...With Your

There's Nothing Better Than Being in Love...With Your Job!

Have you ever noticed people who are in love light up when they talk about the person they are in love with? Well, exactly the same happens for people who love what they do. They get excited, their voice raises a pitch, they're animated and you can't shut them up.
02/14/2014 12:28 EST
Learning from

Learning from Leaders

The Beedie School of Business, aspires to create and communicate powerful ideas in order to educate and inspire the founders
12/03/2013 12:47 EST
Vancouver Creatives Need More Play for Young and Old

Vancouver Creatives Need More Play for Young and Old Alike

Creativity is the design of novel and useful products. Exploring the world through creative and innovative lenses results in solutions to challenges. Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing play is essential. It's what creativity goes with and cities need to be more playful to keep talented creative people: which is why Emily Smith started the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.
06/11/2013 12:33 EDT