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BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson

Dads. Teachers. Authors. Bloggers.

From dancing in the clubs to now dancing in the living room with their son Milo, life has changed just a little for BJ and Frankie. BJ and his husband Frankie reside in Toronto and are raising their little “Bubbaloo” Milo, who was born via gestational surrogate.

BJ and Frankie's birth photo had gone viral which inspired them to write a children's book called Milo's Adventures and create their own website where you can read more of their blogs.

BJ and Frankie are both high school teachers in Toronto. They enjoy doing community theatre, travelling, spending time with family and friends, and now getting to experience life through their little ones eyes!
We Shouldn't Have To Fight To Be Accepted As Victor Ruiz Garcia / Reuters

We Shouldn't Have To Fight To Be Accepted As Dads

We're not your traditional family; we're married, we have a son through surrogacy. Family is very important to us, because we fight to be recognized and accepted in everyday life. When our son was born, our birth photo had gone viral. We received a lot of attention, both positive and negative, and recently politicians in Europe are using our photo to make a case against surrogacy and against LGBT families. But to us, family is about love.
04/12/2017 03:43 EDT
This Is What Family Means To Nick Wong Photography

This Is What Family Means To Us

We are very fortunate that we live in Canada, more so Toronto, where we feel it is a progressive, open, accepting city. It is legal for gay people to live freely, marry whomever they love, and start a family. We are a family, just like any family out there. It is not OK to harass anyone based on their sexual orientation or for any other reason.
02/21/2017 02:04 EST
Love Is What Makes A Family, Not A Mom Or A Inti St Clair via Getty Images

Love Is What Makes A Family, Not A Mom Or A Dad

Allegedly, we are denying our son the right to a mother. Does Milo have a mom? No he doesn't. Does he have two loving parents that will do anything in their power to make sure he is loved, safe, happy, healthy, accepting, tolerant, kind (OK, this list can go on, but I'll stop there)? Will he grow up being less of a person because he doesn't have a mother? No he won't.
09/23/2016 01:29 EDT
Toddlers Are Nature's Perfect Jerks (But We Love Them Getty

Toddlers Are Nature's Perfect Jerks (But We Love Them Anyway)

Milo was probably one of the easiest babies you would ever meet. He ate, he didn't fuss, he slept through the night, pretty much fell asleep instantly when putting him down. He still sleeps amazingly well but he is getting pickier at eating, and well, he's now a toddler. And parents know what that means.
09/19/2016 06:27 EDT