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Blair King

Environmental Scientist, Husband, Father

Blair King is a resident of the Township of Langley, B.C. and a practicing environmental scientist. He has an academic background in chemistry, biology and environmental studies and an interest in the use of scientific data in environmental decision-making.

Blair blogs about topics that cross the interface between science and decision-making at: A Chemist in Langley
darkmatterphotography via Getty Images

Too Much Ambition Can Hurt Canada's Climate Change Efforts

If the Canadian government wants to make real change then it needs to figure out the most we can achieve and then commit to doing so. Empty symbolic gestures will certainly garner praise from activists and make for good headlines but it won't convince the premiers to get in line. We need the federal government to be practical and pragmatic and set achievable goals and then work hard to achieve them. Let's stop with the empty symbolism and start doing the groundwork to build the foundation for real change.
12/11/2015 11:35 EST
C. Allan Morgan via Getty Images

What's So Special About 2 Degrees Celsius?

We keep hearing about the need to keep global climate change below a target of two degrees Celsius. However, few people know where this comes from. The reason for this is that the target is one of the most deliberately muddied topics in the climate change debate -- not a scientific number, but a political one.
12/02/2015 03:35 EST

Cutting Black Carbon Is an Issue Even Climate Change Critics Could Support

One aspect of the climate change debate I find particularly troubling is the extent to which CO2 has come to dominate the narrative. By limiting our discussions to CO2 we ignore the topics we can all agree upon. Today I will talk about a topic about which even the most dedicated denialists and the most excitable catastrophists should be able to agree on: black carbon.
09/01/2015 12:29 EDT