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Blair Mlotek

Lifestyle and fiction writer

Blair is a lifestyle and fiction writer. She is completing her Masters of Journalism at Ryerson University. Previously she has been a teacher and an English major. She is a literature, art, theatre, and fashion enthusiast.
Why You Should Appreciate Life in the

Why You Should Appreciate Life in the GTA

People are always going on about how Canadians aren't patriotic enough, saying that Canada doesn't have something to identify it. They think that since there are so many cultures living in one place,...
01/30/2015 12:31 EST
8 Things to Do When You Don't Have a Michele Piacquadio via Getty Images

8 Things to Do When You Don't Have a Job

Working retail or serving wasn't exactly what you had planned when you were a little kid but right now it's a great way to earn some cash-sometimes even a lot of cash. If you're willing to work long nights and chat up your customers, serving could earn you lots in tips. If you have some retail experience, get a job in managing. This is great on a resume to show your organizational and teamwork skills.
01/21/2015 12:30 EST