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Blair Wilson

Fitness fanatic, co-owner and president of MedX Precision Fitness & founding member of The Canadian Sarcopenia Foundation

Blair Wilson is a fitness fanatic, and co-owner and president of MedX Precision Fitness. Blair got into the fitness industry by way of an injury at 15 years old. After spending some time at Dalhousie University and Griffith University studying biology, he took up an apprenticeship with exercise guru, author, and gym owner, John Little, to study the techniques and advancements of High Intensity Training. In the seven plus years that Blair worked with Little at his facility in Muskoka, ON, he was involved in the development and operation of several influential studies on the mechanisms of fitness and weight loss, two of which have been published in international publications.

A long time professional water skier, Blair has lived and worked all over the world training clients, furthering his research, and building the necessary life skills and experience, needed to interact with people.

In late 2010, Blair saw an opportunity to establish a business in downtown Toronto, and MedX Precision Fitness Inc. was born. Armed with a Precision Nutrition coaching certificate, and a facility designed with focus, safety, and progress in mind, Wilson and his team have been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals for over 5 years now.