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Motherhood Is Not A Free Pass To Be Rude

What? I totally said "Happy birthday" to your Facebook wall. That counts. I know we've been friends for 25 years, but my kid had soccer practice until 6 p.m., then the baby wouldn't stop crying, and I had to do laundry before I put them to bed. I know I didn't go to your birthday party, but with two kids under four years old, I haven't set foot outside my home for anything less than a coronation.
03/28/2016 08:20 EDT

The Perfect Married Man Tells You How To Be the Perfect Married Woman

Hold your own damn purse. Seriously. You chose to bring it. You probably knew where you were going. If it's a problem for you, it's a problem for you. If it's a hassle to have it, learn to not bring it. Deal.... The perfect married man acknowledges that he has been domesticated. He neither needs nor desires to have his domestication hung on him like a sign. It's your purse.
03/24/2016 11:17 EDT
Wendy Connett via Getty Images

I Love You But I Can't Stand Your Kid

I hope that we can still be friends, but I understand if it's just too awkward for the next 15 years or so. Perhaps I'm high maintenance, but I feel that a three year old should eat his or her lunch sitting in a chair rather than standing on the kitchen table throwing crackers at another child. I do not believe my son should be hiding in the bathroom for an hour during a play date just to avoid his "friend."
03/23/2016 10:00 EDT

I'm Standing Up To The Trump Supporters In My Facebook Feed

I see you. I see you lurking in the periphery of my Facebook feed, posting pro-Trump rhetoric and awful hate speech. I mean, you aren't saying the things presidential candidate Donald Trump is, but you are sharing them. You are siding with him. I could have blocked you. I could have hidden your posts from my view, or I could have just defriended you. But I didn't, and I won't.
03/21/2016 04:00 EDT
Tibrina Hobson via Getty Images

Caitlyn Jenner Shouldn't Be A 'Woman Of The Year'

In no way would I suggest that the struggle transgender people face isn't real. But let's face it. She was living as a man, not a woman, until six months ago. A woman in hiding as a man, perhaps, but as far as the universe is concerned, she was a he, and treated with all the benefits that come along with being a rich white man for the better part of 65 years.
10/29/2015 03:23 EDT
Tom Merton via Getty Images

I Had to Tell My Husband I Have Herpes

I was afraid to tell my husband. I was equal parts afraid to be accused of cheating or learn he had, even though logic assured me otherwise. I thought of not saying anything. I envisioned stashing my pills in the inner pocket of my handbag, making excuses to avoid sex. While it sucks to have herpes, it's not a death sentence. If you ever have to deliver this kind of news to a partner, don't do what I did and treat it like the end of the world.
06/03/2015 05:25 EDT
bugphai via Getty Images

My Kids Stopped Me From Committing Suicide

The plan was to drive off the neighbourhood bridge. It had one of those flimsy corrugated steel side rails at the bottom of a steep hill and curve. I always felt those railings were only a token effort to protect against plans such as this. I had spent the morning running errands and my two-year-old was fast asleep in her car seat in the back. I had installed that seat with the help of a police officer and I knew it was secure and designed to protect on impact. I could see her in my rearview mirror and had a moment of doubt thinking of what I would miss out on.
05/20/2015 05:26 EDT