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Bob Beaty


Bob lives in a hotel in Vancouver with his Spinone, Clio. As a freelance writer and the principal behind, Bob writes financial communication materials and consults on marketing and investor relations strategies for small cap companies, primarily in the U.S.

On the Internet since 1995 following a 17-year career in the brokerage industry in Canada and the U.K., Bob has also written for some of the most influential financial portals including GNN, AOL Finance, U.S. and Canada,, and the online Globe and Mail. He has also written a series of articles for a failed relationship site... long story.

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Should You Become a Freelancer? Probably Not

Freelancers, especially writers and the ubiquitous 'consultant,' must have a significant amount of real world experience. To merely apply book learnin' to your freelance offerings will expose you as a lightweight.
07/29/2011 11:28 EDT

Freelance Writers: Grist For the Content Mill?

On first blush, I thought content mills were appalling, as they got really cheap content and resold it for, I suspect, way more than a few dollars. What I found out though kind of mitigated my initial disgust.
07/19/2011 03:01 EDT

When Freelancing, Free Can Be Very Expensive

When you hang out your shingle as a freelancer, everyone seemingly wants your help. They just don't want to pay you. Or they turn out to be time vampires who simply want to waste productive work hours...
06/30/2011 12:53 EDT

Be a Freelancer, Not a Fauxlancer: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Due to fear, self-loathing, bad skin or a combination, freelancers will talk themselves in circles and bore a potential client into inaction. The prospect is going to think you are indecisive, and if I am not mistaken, we are supposed to be professionals.
06/23/2011 12:57 EDT

We're Off to See the Social Media Wizard

Is social media magic? Maybe, but pulling back the curtain and applying some due diligence and caution will save you from hemorrhaging your limited cash on the wrong wizardry.
06/09/2011 08:46 EDT

How Would Freelancers Deal With the Rapture?

If I had a dime for everyone who asks what I do and then looks at me like I'm either nuts or their new personal hero, I'd be sipping copious amounts of Bunnahabhain, neat, in Scotland.
05/27/2011 09:26 EDT