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Bob Kull

Writer, Photographer, Teacher at UBC and Royal Roads University

Robert Kull has spent years wandering North and South America working as a scuba instructor, travel guide, logger, community organic gardening teacher, truck driver, bartender, firefighter, photographer, and professor. In 1985, he lost his lower right leg to a motorcycle crash in the Dominican Republic. <br> <br> He began undergraduate studies at age 40 and now holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia. For his doctoral research into the effects of deep solitude, he traveled to a small remote island in the wilderness of southern Chile, built a camp, and lived without seeing other people for a year. His book, "Solitude: Seeking Wisdom in Extremes" tells the story of that year. He lives in Vancouver, B.C. and his website is <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.
Consider Strategic Voting This

Consider Strategic Voting This Election

Instead of insisting on voting only for an ideal candidate with whose orientation and policies we fundamentally agree, and feeling guilty if we vote for the "lesser of evils," perhaps in voting for the lesser of evils we're fulfilling our evolutionary responsibility.
08/18/2015 05:25 EDT
The RCMP Were Kind And Civil As They Arrested Me On Burnaby

The RCMP Were Kind And Civil As They Arrested Me On Burnaby Mountain

When I heard about the protest on Burnaby Mountain, I decided to go up and lend support. During my first several visits there were no police in sight. That changed last Thursday when the RCMP moved in to enforce the injunction handed down by the B.C. Supreme Court. We've seen media photos and video of the physical conflicts that have sometimes developed, but those instances have been rare and it's important to keep them in perspective.
11/26/2014 02:33 EST