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Dr. Boluwaji Ogunyemi

Chief Dermatology Resident, University of British Columbia

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Dr. Boluwaji Ogunyemi</a> <br> <br> Boluwaji Ogunyemi is Chief Dermatology resident physician at the University of British Columbia and Director of Communications of Resident Doctors of British Columbia. He has backgrounds in epidemiology, sociology, medical education, communications, and leadership. Dr Ogunyemi is an award-winning writer in the areas of diversity and inclusion, medical humanities, and medical education. <br> <br> In addition to the Huffington Post, Dr Ogunyemi has been published in The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun and several other print and electronic media outlets. His original articles about diversity and inclusion and medical humanities have been used in anti-racism workshops and his writing has been translated into French and Portuguese. <br> <br> Dr Ogunyemi has received multiple awards in the areas of leadership, academic achievement, clinical research, writing, and advocacy. His clinical experience has spanned from Lagos, Nigeria and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Inuit communities in rural Labrador and Refugee Medicine in British Columbia. <br> <br> He is passionate about diversity and inclusion, global health, healthcare politics, dermatology, medical education, and clinical epidemiology. <br> <br> Follow him on Twitter @OgunyemiMD
Why We Must Maintain Tolerance As A Canadian

Why We Must Maintain Tolerance As A Canadian Value

During a recent visit to my hometown of St. John's, I went to a busy restaurant to meet friends for lunch. The hostess asked my name. "Bolu," I started. After she refused to take my first name, I began with my last name. "O-g-u-n ..." but was abruptly cut off by the visibly irritated hostess. My name was an inconvenience to her -- too foreign, apparently.
01/23/2017 01:30 EST
How Should Canada Select New Medical

How Should Canada Select New Medical Doctors?

The field of medicine is one of the most sought after professions in this country, with admission rates around 26 - 28% of domestic applicants in a given year gaining acceptance to a Canadian medical school. Given such a low admissions rate, there are far fewer positions than qualified applicants. How, then, should we choose those who are admitted to medical school?
05/25/2016 12:22 EDT
Understanding The Crucial Role Of Resident

Understanding The Crucial Role Of Resident Doctors

Chances are that if you have been a patient in a large metropolitan hospital or are regularly treated in a teaching clinic, you have interacted with a resident doctor. Medical residency is that crucial period between our first days as newly-certified doctors and emerging as full-fledged, licensed physicians.
02/18/2016 03:10 EST
Race Still Has A Place In Modern

Race Still Has A Place In Modern Medicine

As members of ethnic minority groups have suffered historically because of what has erroneously and malevolently been ascribed as innate inferiority, should physicians avoid reifying race by espousing a "colourblind" practice? It depends.
02/09/2016 12:01 EST
This Model's Skin Condition Will Make You Re-Think Beauty

This Model's Skin Condition Will Make You Re-Think Beauty Standards

Chantelle Brown-Young success as a model may come as a surprise since she is afflicted with vitiligo, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own pigment-producing cells. Yet her mass appeal invites reflection upon the concepts of health, impairment and disability vis-à-vis perceptions of beauty. Her international success notwithstanding, Brown-Young finds it imperative to help others appreciate beauty in its various forms. During her first appearance on America's Next Top Model, she imploringly asks "How can I show you the beauty in differences?"
04/08/2015 05:36 EDT
Why We Must Ardently Defend Multiculturalism in

Why We Must Ardently Defend Multiculturalism in Canada

Unless we, as a society, systematically protect the right to reasonable accommodation of expression of religion in all arenas of Canadian life, others that would be in a case similar to that of El-Alloul will be systematically unwelcome form fully participating in the judicial system.
03/03/2015 01:27 EST