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Bonnie L. Brayton

National Executive Director of the DisAbled Women’s Network of Canada.

Bonnie Brayton has been the National Executive Director of the DisAbled Women’s Network of Canada ( since May 2007. DAWN Canada has focused on advancing the rights of women with disabilities for close to 30 years in Canada and internationally. Ms. Brayton is also the President of Coup de Balai - Clean Sweepers, a social economy organization ( ) providing home care services to people with disabilities and seniors in her community in Montreal. Bonnie is the Vice-Chair of the Feminist Alliance for International Action ( and a member of the Steering Committee of La Maison Parent-Roback , a Quebec feminist collective in Montreal (

In 2014 as part of Canada’s 150th year Celebration of the Charlottetown Conference Bonnie was named a Visionary, one of 23 Women in Canada ( ) and in January 2015 was named one of Canada’s 40 Women Change Makers by Canadian Living Magazine.

Ms. Brayton lives in Montreal with her partner Delmar Medford. She has two adult daughters, Leah and Virginia.
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Human Rights Activism Must Shift To Reflect Reality

Activists take pride in the fact that their movements are inclusive, but it appears that unless women and girls with disabilities and deaf women and girls make our way to the table then, over and over again, our needs are forgotten. There are but a handful of women with disabilities and Deaf women in Canada who are fortunate enough to be at those tables, and I am one of them.
12/12/2016 05:13 EST

It's Time To Address Violence Against Women With Disabilities

There are still no resources to speak of for girls with disabilities facing violence, even though they experience violence at higher rates and more frequently than any other group of young women and girls in Canada. The rates of sexual, physical, verbal and systemic violence are at least three times higher.
11/29/2016 11:47 EST