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Bosse Lindquist

Director, Give Us the Money

Bosse Lindquist is a Swedish radio and TV producer. His previous films include McCheat & Co. (2010) and WikiRebels: The Documentary (2010).
Give Us the Money: Does Celebrity Activism AP

Give Us the Money: Does Celebrity Activism Work?

Focusing on Bono and Bob Geldof's high-level lobbying in my documentary allowed me the opportunity to see whether my prejudices about celebrity actually hold true: were their efforts as self-centred, short-sighted and superficial as many believe? Spending the better part of 18 months in the company of politicians, gatekeepers, lobbyists, rock stars, aid workers, government ministers, experts and activists, confirmed the fact that a great deal of development aid money has been squandered in the past.
11/23/2012 05:18 EST