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Brad Fisher

Technology trend watcher

Brad is an accomplished marketing and product leader with exceptional experience in delivering leading edge products and services across wireless, video, telecom and Internet segments in both Canada and the US. In his role at Primus, Brad oversees Residential and Commercial Marketing, Product Management, Corporate Communications and Brand. Prior to joining Primus, Brad served as Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing for Hawaiian Telcom, the largest statewide communications provider in Hawaii. Previously, he held executive roles at Bell Canada and Bell Mobility. Brad brings more than 20 years' experience in telecommunications and information technology, and holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.
Careful Branding Helps Entrepreneurs Overshadow Big Shutterstock

Careful Branding Helps Entrepreneurs Overshadow Big Businesses

This has been top of mind for me since we unveiled Primus' new brand last fall. Having spent a considerable amount of time serving the telecom needs of many small businesses, I realized that there are lessons from our own experience that are helpful to any entrepreneur trying to stand out from the pack.
05/01/2017 05:22 EDT
Canada Could Become a Global Leader in the Internet of Shutterstock / Jaka Azman

Canada Could Become a Global Leader in the Internet of Things

The idea of Canada taking a global leadership role in this emerging technology is appealing, and achievable, in light of our impressive made-in-Canada capabilities. First, we've built world-leading infrastructure including ubiquitous telecom networks with ample bandwidth that enables us to communicate quickly and efficiently from coast to coast.
06/23/2015 07:55 EDT