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Brad Gallant

I am a proud Newfoundlander & proud Mi'kmaq devoted to energy efficiency and human rights. First people are people first.

Hi, my name is Brad Gallant. I have 14 and 15 year old girl goalies and a 19 year old son. They love to play hockey. We recently were granted First Nation status when the Qalipu Mi’kmaq Band was formed and we are proud to be included in the First Nations community. I went to university to become a teacher but after teaching in Japan for 3 years, I completed my MBA at the University of Notre Dame. Right now I produce an educational video series on energy efficiency.
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Player's Homophobic Slur Isn't The Only Blackhawks Offence

What Chris Hine, a gay sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune, fails to realize is that he is horrified by a slur against his sexual orientation while celebrating and profiting from a slur against another ethnic group. Like the NHL, he has said that all slurs are unacceptable in public life, except for those against native Americans.
04/27/2016 10:50 EDT
STAN HONDA via Getty Images

Human Rights Are Not Conditional For Indigenous Canadians

To date, only one Canadian sports organization is changing their logo because of racist Indigenous stereotypes: The Lorne Park team. I thank them for that. Mississauga still maintains that they have no control over what their affiliates post on their walls. Welcome to the special type of malarkey reserved for the Canadian indigenous.
04/05/2016 02:44 EDT
Mike Simons via Getty Images

Native Mascots Perpetuate Racism Against Indigenous People

There is a complete blind spot on indigenous human/civil rights. Every time I mention First Nation mascots, I am told to get over it, that they are honouring us. Many native people even sing the Canadian cultural tune. I am unable to turn a blind eye to it, though. I can suck it up, I just choose not to. Why should any First Nation person learn to deal with abuse to survive?
03/04/2016 03:50 EST