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Brad Lavigne

Vice-President, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Brad Lavigne was the 2011 New Democratic Party’s Campaign Director. He served as Principal Secretary and Director of Strategic Communications for the Hon. Jack Layton. He also served as National Director and Communications Director for the New Democratic Party. He is a national media commentator and a regular contributor on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics with Evan Solomon. He currently lives in Ottawa where he is Vice President, Public and Corporate Affairs with Hill+Knowlton Strategies.
Justin, You Don't Know

Justin, You Don't Know Jack

So apparently Justin Trudeau fancies himself the next Jack Layton. How adorable. On Monday night he told a crowd of supporters "make no mistake, the NDP is no longer the hopeful, optimistic party of Jack Layton... it is the Liberal party tonight that proved hope is stronger than fear...." When Jack spoke of "hope" and "optimism," he was envisioning a leadership rooted in substance. Jack was hopeful that policies could be embraced based on principle, not on what the latest poll told you to believe. A word of caution to Justin Trudeau: I knew Jack Layton. Jack Layton was a friend of mine. And you sir, are no Jack Layton.
11/28/2013 12:06 EST