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Brandee Foster

Wife, mum of one, singing, dancing and laughing her way through life with honesty and a bit of sass.

Singing, dancing, and laughing through motherhood (and life in general) was how Brandee thought things would be when she found out she was pregnant. As a working mum of one crazy and amazing little boy, she often finds herself laughing at fart jokes and dancing through sword fights. Brandee likes to approach life in a straight-up way with honesty, a sense of humour, and lots of sass and blogs about life, love, and everything in between at
Yes, Children Do Belong In Fancy

Yes, Children Do Belong In Fancy Restaurants

I've read horror stories of children who run amok in restaurants, taking out servers left, right and centre, screaming and pulling food off of other diners' tables. You'd almost start to believe that every child who enters a restaurant is an unholy terror. Personally, the number of times I have witnessed this kind of behaviour could be counted on one hand and still have fingers left over.
03/31/2016 02:24 EDT
Self-Care During Times Of Stress Or

Self-Care During Times Of Stress Or Grief

It can be really hard to take care of yourself when you or someone you love is sick or in crisis, when you feel like life is spinning out of control. I've been there and I'm hoping that by sharing my experience and what helped me, it might help someone else.
11/11/2015 05:29 EST
Forget Someday, Let's Live

Forget Someday, Let's Live Now

As I get older, and life continues to pass me by at an alarming rate, I have really started to wonder why people wait for things. I understand putting things off because you are saving money for that dream trip, or working towards a particular goal, but the ones who really get me are the "someday" people.
10/13/2015 03:39 EDT
I Overcame My Body Loathing and Bought a

I Overcame My Body Loathing and Bought a Bikini

Imagine a world where we didn't live our lives according to what the haters said? If we were comfortable to be free and confident in our own skin? I am not my tummy, or my stretch marks or any of my other flaws, rather, they are a part of me.
06/17/2015 08:39 EDT