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Cathy Bergman

I Was The Fattest Person In The Room -- Until One Day, I Had Enough

As I continued to lose weight and get stronger, I no longer had a to-do list full of other people's priorities. I now had personal goals that were all about me. I was losing weight with purpose, so that I could run, jump, play and enjoy my life. Being active was becoming fun. I was in my fifties, and I was just now learning how to play.
12/04/2015 02:33 EST
kuroaya via Getty Images

How I Overcame My Fear Of Dancing In Fishnets

I do know that my weight is not an indicator of health, fitness -- or anything else other than how much I weigh. I know that I am not defined by my cellulite, expanding midriff, or any other body parts that don't wow me. And yet here I am, wishing that I wasn't mentally dragged down by my extra pounds.
11/09/2015 11:58 EST

What Breaking My Leg Taught Me About Life

I call myself an AAA personality. So, when I was delivered the ultimate sentence -- that I won't be able to walk or drive, INDEFINITELY -- I practically collapsed. I had no choice but to make the sudden shift from Type A to Type B status -- to stop, reflect and figure out how to survive being laid up.
10/26/2015 12:06 EDT

A Breast Cancer Story: How Losing My Hair Changed Me Forever

Hair loss is such a personal thing, yet it's so public when it's yours. Many women hide it because it's a visible reminder of the pain they're in. We are fighting for our lives, so why should something so superficial mean so much? Because our hair makes us feel like ourselves -- strong and pretty and whole -- and when we lose it, we feel weak and vulnerable.
10/24/2015 08:38 EDT
zakokor via Getty Images

11 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Friends on Facebook

To me, Facebook is like a cocktail party. Sometimes, you engage in mindless, idle chatter, and sometimes you find yourself deep in a great discussion. I got to thinking about all those statuses people compose in order to create a specific impression -- I am fabulous and you should want to be me -- that in fact have the opposite desired effect: I am annoying and should be blocked.
06/25/2015 06:20 EDT
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Six Not-So-Punishing Reasons to Read Grey: 50 Shades as Told by Christian

Ever since the filthy-minded and now super-rich E.L. James made the surprise announcement that she was releasing the fan-requested (and previously teased both in her fanfic and at the end of Freed) Grey -- Fifty Shades as told from Christian's POV -- there was buzz. Which raises the question: Is it worth shelling out the $18.95 for the book ($11.99 ebook)? Decide for yourself.
06/24/2015 06:07 EDT

Caitlyn Jenner Proves That Women Over 40 Can Slay Fashion

It's as if Caitlyn Jenner's grand entrance finally gave us the permission we need: that it's okay to dress your age and still slay it. We can embrace our femininity and mean business at the same time. If, through this huge transition, Caitlyn can take charge of her personal style in this very public way, we all can.
06/06/2015 08:43 EDT

Stop Hating on Women Who Care About Beauty

Clearly, I'm not the only woman in the world concerned about maintaining her looks. There's a whole industry dedicated to just that. And yet, there seems to be a burgeoning negative narrative when it comes to women and beauty.
05/22/2015 05:41 EDT
Getty Images

My Mother Taught Me the Most Important Lesson: How to Be Myself

For better or for worse, my mom decided that being herself was more important than fitting in, even if that might have been easier. She has shown me the joy of being unashamedly yourself at any age, with no apologies. Perfection is not her goal, nor does she want or need it to be. She is, at nearly 80 years of age, truly herself.
05/08/2015 05:13 EDT
Jonny Mccullagh via Getty Images

I'm Fat, Get Over It

Must we spend our lives in abject misery about our god-given design flaws?I say NO. I am fat, fit and fabulous! And I have spent far too much time trying to be something that I was never intended to be -- thin.
07/31/2014 08:43 EDT