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Brendan Steven

Political Science Student, McGill University

Brendan is currently pursuing a bachelor of arts in political science & Canadian studies at McGill University. In January 2011, he co-founded the Prince Arthur Herald, Canada's only national student-run conservative newspaper, and served as the newspaper’s first editor-in-chief. He is an active conservative, having worked in communications for Kitchener-Waterloo MP Peter Braid, numerous political campaign teams, and most recently for Ontario opposition Leader Tim Hudak. He has columned extensively on Canadian politics, including a syndicated column with the National Citizen’s Coalition and other Canadian media outlets.
Why Do CEOs Make So Much? They're Worth

Why Do CEOs Make So Much? They're Worth It

In their annual study of executive pay, the CCPA once again trots out the tired suggestion that executives in Canada make too much money. It is an ancient complaint of the free market: that the market does not produce income equality.
01/03/2012 05:03 EST