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Brenden Hurley

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Brenden is a PhD. student at the University of Toronto studying the biochemisty of plant immune systems. He developed a love for cycling from an early age and represented Ontario as a member of the Junior Provincial road racing team in National and International races. Currently he intersperses bouts of liquid handling with quick spins around Toronto.
How to Prevent Another Cyclist's Getty Images

How to Prevent Another Cyclist's Death

Five people have died riding their bikes in Toronto this year. Now is the time to realize that being on these streets goes both ways. This is particularly relevant as days get shorter and most commuters must ride in the dark during winter. Worse, inclement weather makes riding inherently dangerous. However, as a cyclist you can make choices to mitigate these risks and arrive safely at work and home each day.
11/23/2012 05:15 EST
Post-Armstrong, The Dream Can Still Be Lean, Mean -- And PA

Post-Armstrong, The Dream Can Still Be Lean, Mean -- And Clean

Today Lance Armstrong gave up his legal fight against allegations of doping. Consequently his results from 1998 onwards, including seven consecutive overall victories in the Tour de France, will be abolished. For post-Lance cycling fans, the very idol that drew them to two wheels has been smashed. But there is hope in the new generation, in the Ryders and Bradleys, who are clean cyclers.
08/24/2012 05:04 EDT