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Brett S Marchand

Cossette & Vision7 CEO. Leader of #1 Agency & Top 50 Company to Work for in Canada, proud volunteer and marketer behind "I am Canadian Rant"

Mr. Marchand is CEO of Vision7 International, the holding company for Cossette Communications (of which he is also CEO), Citizen Relations PR, V7 Media and the digital/advertising agency network The Camps Collective. <br> <br> Mr. Marchand assumed leadership for the company in 2010 after the public company, Cossette (TSX: KOS) went private with its Private Equity partner, Mill Road Capital. Under his leadership the company was restructured, rejuvenated and sold at the end of 2014 to China's BlueFocus Group with an 2.5x Enterprise Value. <br> <br> He is now focused on working with his team to expand the company into new markets and revenue streams with geographical expansion (eg. Cossette US and Citizen China) and future acquisitions. <br> <br> Mr. Marchand's proudest achievements are assembling the exceptional executive team he works with, leading a company that has twice been honoured by AON Hewitt and The Globe & Mail as a Top 50 Company to work for in Canada, and setting the strategic vision to drive three consecutive years of double digit sales growth. <br> <br> He is also proud to be named a recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal for his charitable work in Canada and internationally with Habitat for Humanity and for his Cannes Lion and Marketer of the Year Awards for the "I am Canadian - Rant" campaign he oversaw during his tenure at Molson Breweries.
'NewCos' Are The Drivers Behind A Rapidly Transforming

'NewCos' Are The Drivers Behind A Rapidly Transforming World

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