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Brian Carter

Author, Speaker, Consultant

Brian Carter is the internationally bestselling author of Facebook Marketing (3rd edition), The Like Economy, LinkedIn For Business, and The Cowbell Principle. Brian has 15 years of search engine and social marketing experience as a consultant and agency director.

He is a keynote speaker who delivers proven and practical marketing takeaways, hilarious entertainment and inspiring motivation. His Brian Carter Group is a boutique agency with world-class expertise that employs digital/social marketing and advertising to boost profits for growth-minded businesses.

His clients have been large and small, including NBC, Microsoft, Citrix, PrideStaff, Universal Studios, The U.S. Army, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., and the World Health Organization.

He has been interviewed and profiled by Bloomberg TV, Information Week, ABC News, U.S. News & World Report, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine.
How To Get So Much Career Momentum You'll Always Have

How To Get So Much Career Momentum You'll Always Have Work

Everyone has at least one cowbell -- it's your unique, profitable talent people pay you for or your company's unique offering. It's something people have a fever for. When you discover it and give those people a ton of it, you gain success and happiness for both yourself and others. It's a win-win.
10/20/2014 06:03 EDT
These Are the 20 Most Viral Post This Week.

These Are the 20 Most Viral Post This Week. Surprised?

What if you put the the most viral Facebook and Twitter accounts into one feed and ranked the posts by popularity. What would the 20 most liked and viral posts in the last week be? I bet it will surprise most of you -- because we human beings like some weird stuff, but we're used to dividing ourselves socially into interest groups, and then only seeing what's popular with our friends and peers.
06/03/2014 12:30 EDT
How Stand-Up Comedy Can Help Your

How Stand-Up Comedy Can Help Your Company

Every week I drive 90 minutes to do just five minutes of stand up comedy. Sometimes I'm the funniest guy on earth. Sometimes nobody laughs. Sometimes I yell at drunk people. Then I drive back home. Three hours to do five minutes. Crazy? No, it's the most important thing I do all week. Why? Stand up comedy is Navy Seal training for becoming more interesting.
09/27/2012 12:09 EDT