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Brian Cauley

Broadcaster, storyteller, writer

Brian is a broadcaster, storyteller, writer, installation artist, biker, and coffee drinker, with an intense passion for connecting with people. He is often either working on some sort of special project for CBC, writting for Toronto Social Review, or podcasting at Tiny Conversations. When not you can probably find him teaching Podcasting and Art, wandering aimlessly, or lifting heavy things. Follow him on Twitter @briancauley.
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Why Rob Ford Won the First Mayoral Debate and Toronto Lost

In the future, I hope that these debates are presented in a format that has only one person speaking at a time, demands accountability, and still uses viewer polling (I really liked being able to vote on my smartphone). You can believe whatever you like, and I hope what you believe in is the truth. When it comes to politicking, the truth can be hard to uncover.
03/28/2014 06:21 EDT