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Brian Gervais

TD SVP Regional Branch Banking, Prairie Region

Brian is the SVP Regional Retail Banking for the Prairie Region. He leads over 200 branches in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the North West Territories.
Fighting Financial

Fighting Financial Fraud

We've all been there: an email arrives in your inbox promising you thousands (if not millions!) of dollars' worth of prize money. You can't remember entering any contests, but oh well. There's just on...
04/04/2017 12:46 EDT
Moms And Money Management On Global Parents Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

Moms And Money Management On Global Parents Day

June 1 is the Global Day of Parents. Beyond traditional life lessons (think tying your shoes and learning to ride a bike), parents are also responsible for imparting good money management skills to their children. Traditionally it was men who were largely responsible for long term investing and financial planning for their families. But that's so 1960s. Good financial habits are something everyone can develop, and for many people, that starts with learning from their parents -- from Mom or Dad.
05/31/2016 05:27 EDT
How To Take Control Of Your Getty

How To Take Control Of Your Finances

Currently job losses have been concentrated in the energy sector, but more job losses are expected across industries that depend on investment and activities in the energy sector. This rising unemployment coupled with a correction in the housing market is putting a further strain on indebted households.
04/26/2016 06:21 EDT