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Brian Golden

Vice-Dean, Professional Programs + Sandra Rotman Chair in Health Sector Strategy at the Rotman School and The University Health Network.

Brian Golden is a Professor of Strategic Management and the holder of the Sandra Rotman Chair in Health Sector Strategy at the Rotman Schoolo of Management and the University Health Network. In this role he has created and led the Health Sector Management stream in the Rotman School’s MBA programs --- the leading health sector business school program in Canada. He has also successfully led a broad range of health sector-oriented Executive Education Programs. His research is in the areas of strategic change and implementation, health system integration and funding, organizational strategy, and leadership. Since 2006, he has served as Executive Director of the Collaborative for Health Sector Strategy, a policy, research, and leadership development initiative funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health. In that role he has been a valuable advisor to government. He also has significant administrative experience within the Rotman School, having led various strategic initiatives, including the development of The Judy Project, the school’s flagship program for executive women, and served as Area Coordinator of the Strategic Management Area.
We Need to Invest in Our Community Health

We Need to Invest in Our Community Health Leaders

Hospital or home? Given the choice, most of us would rather stay close to what we know, in our communities, as long as we could receive comparable medical care and support. Those who run our healthcare system agree. They know that the traditional acute care-focused model is not financially sustainable, or often appropriate.
06/25/2015 06:19 EDT