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Brian J. Stephens

Founder Stephens Consulting Enterprises, Author, Veteran

After 20 years as a USAF Pararescue Specialist Brian headed to Silicon Valley and the start-up lifestyle. He worked for a Boston-based eLearning company (now Mzinga) and led their Western region services department for 2 years. Brian worked in Healthcare IT consulting for a decade and grew Cerner's Learning business from $16M to $60M. He started Stephens Consulting Enterprises (SCE) in 2013. SCE focuses on gaps that large software vendors (like Epic and Cerner) fail to address for their clients. SCE provides Advisory expertise in the Change Management and Adoption space. Brian is passionate about Leadership, the science and the art of human performance, and supporting change in corporate environments. He has created successful learning models for well over 1M end users in seven countries. He enjoys writing about these experiences so that others can benchmark and create their own success stories.
29 Years Ago, I Searched for Air India Tim Ryan

29 Years Ago, I Searched for Air India Survivors

It was 29 years ago this week. I was a member of the U.S. Air Force's 67th ARRS Pararescue team. I was trained to find survivors anywhere on Earth and bring them back alive. Sometimes that wasn't possible. Instead you came back with the only thing you could -- closure for the victims' families. You brought home the bodies. That was the case for Air India Flight 182 that Sunday in June 1985. I learned that injury patterns determined that the plane had broken up at altitude, tossing bodies into the sky at 31,000 feet while moving at 580 miles per hour. None of the 131 bodies recovered was wearing a life jacket. The victims had no time to prepare.
06/23/2014 12:36 EDT