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Brian Robertson

COO, Vision Travel Solutions

As COO of Vision Travel Solutions, Brian Robertson is responsible for driving the largest travel management company in Canada. Under his leadership, Vision Travel has a carved a niche as the industry leader in corporate and luxury travel, through the marriage of good old-fashioned high-touch customer service, and ground-breaking high-tech solutions never before seen in Canada. Brian is a global travel industry insider, with a unique view on the trends and issues that shape the industry. He has contributed thought leadership pieces to various publications and regularly offers his perspective at industry conferences.
Alternative Airports For Business

Alternative Airports For Business Travellers

Beating the crowds when travelling for business doesn't have to mean taking a 4am flight or flying on Christmas Day, as many business hub destinations are also easily accessible from alternative, quie...
05/30/2016 05:47 EDT
What Drives Millennials In The Getty Images

What Drives Millennials In The Workforce?

With millennials expected to take over 75 per cent of the workforce by 2025, they bring with them new ideas and principles replacing the workhorse mentality that marked the professional generation before them. One of the biggest motivators for this "experiential generation" is travel. No longer seen as an exclusive domain of the C-suite, travel has become a regular fixture in job descriptions and perks catered towards this younger cohort of executives.
02/23/2016 05:25 EST
5 Luxury Travel Trends To PeskyMonkey via Getty Images

5 Luxury Travel Trends To Watch

In the past, luxury just meant expensive. But as travellers become more savvy and more tourism options become available, the focus has firmly shifted towards experiences. A five star hotel is no longer enough, it has to have a unique history that differentiates it from the next luxury accommodation.
09/04/2015 08:11 EDT
Slash Business Travel Costs with These Five dell640

Slash Business Travel Costs with These Five Tips

Often SMEs organize their travel on an ad hoc basis, only to find out at the end of their fiscal year that their travel expenses have ballooned. To manage your business travel costs, planning is key. Here are our top five industry tips to help slash your costs.
07/24/2015 11:34 EDT