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Brian Stiller

Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance

Brian Stiller is Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance, the global association which represents some 600 million Evangelical Protestants. Raised in a minister’s home on the prairies he studied at the University of Toronto and Gordon-Conceal Theological Seminary. Stiller began his public leadership in Youth for Christ, including 8 years as Canadian president, and in 1983 was appointed President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Here he founded EFC's national magazine, Faith Today, hosted weekly national television broadcasts, and opened the office of National Affairs in Ottawa. In 1995, he became President of Tyndale University College & Seminary. During his tenure, Tyndale became a university and expanded to a new campus. After retiring from Tyndale, he began as Global Ambassador with the WEA. He is the author of 12 books.
The New Abolition

The New Abolition Movement

Just because William Wilberforce brought British slavery laws crashing down in the early 1800s, we assume slavery has ended. Not so. Children as young as six are forced by their impoverished parents to go into the streets and press anyone to give them money. Some children are forced to carry their newborn brothers and sisters into traffic, zigzagging between stopped cars in traffic jams while pleading for small change.
07/04/2013 06:06 EDT