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Brian Vinh Tien Trinh

Video Programmer with HuffPost Canada

Brian Vinh Tien Trinh is the Video Programmer for HuffPost Canada. Will add video for food. 

Ontario Woman Foils Bear's Attempt To Enter Home

An Ontario, Canada, woman captured the moment a small black bear tried to enter her Dorion home on July 15. Marysol Deeley recorded as a young black bear turned up on her doorstep over the weekend. Deeley woke up early Saturday morning after she heard a bang and tapping on the bedroom window. She went out to investigate and found the animal. Deeley told CBC News she decided to capture the moment for her friends that don't live in the country and don't encounter wildlife up close. Credit: Marysol Deeley via Storyful
07/18/2017 15:39 EDT

Drone Captures Eerie Aftermath Of B.C. Wildfires

New drone imagery released by the Thompson-Nicola Regional District shows the extent of damage suffered in the Boston Flats region due to severe wildfires sweeping across British Columbia.The drone footage, taken July 10, reveals severe destruction in the small British Colombia mobile home community of Boston Flats. CBC reported at least 30 homes were destroyed. The community had been evacuated and no injuries were reported.A higher quality version of this footage is available here. Credit: Thompson-Nicola Regional District via Storyful
07/17/2017 10:38 EDT
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Saskatoon Men Canoe Around Flooded Homes Like It's NBD

Heavy rain in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, triggered flash flooding on Monday, July 10. The storm, which included hail, caused damage and knocked out power, according to a news report.This video shows people navigating the floodwater in a canoe. Credit: Twitter/Melody Lynch via Storyful
07/13/2017 11:15 EDT