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Briana Broderick

Social justice and labour activist; Vice-President, United Steelworkers Local 2010; Ontario Federation of Labour Vice-President.

Briana Broderick is a social justice, labour, political and community activist in Kingston, Ont. A Queen’s University employee, Briana is Vice-President of United Steelworkers Local 2010, representing 1,200 office, administrative, technical and other support staff at Queen’s. She also serves as a Vice-President (Young Workers) of the Ontario Federation of Labour.
Why Young Workers Like Me Turned Our Backs To Protest Mohammed Hashim

Why Young Workers Like Me Turned Our Backs To Protest Trudeau

By turning our backs on the PM, we were challenging a system built to inherently favour them above anyone else. As many social justice activists assert, the system isn't broken, it was built this way -- to disenfranchise and exclude women, "other" racialized people and anyone suggesting that change should be driven from the bottom up. What has occurred to me is that if white men are not leading the charge, they are often on the defensive.
11/01/2016 05:09 EDT