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Brigid Dineen

Self-Care Expert, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Recovering Perfectionist, Singer Songwriter, Dreamer & Doer.

Brigid Dineen is a life coach and yoga teacher, but really she's a change catalyst, soul-whisperer, the mama bear for your self-care. Think of her as your own personal down-to-earth Yoda. Brigid is passionate about helping smart, accomplished women reclaim their time, energy and peace of mind so that life feels as good as it looks. Find out more about Brigid at
Positive Thinking Isn't Always The Answer When Life

Positive Thinking Isn't Always The Answer When Life Sucks

Sometimes things suck. Please don't force yourself to think positively about it. Feel what you feel. Give yourself space. Embrace vulnerability with people you trust (or in your journal), and enjoy the natural sun after the storm.
04/28/2016 03:39 EDT
Self-Care Is The New

Self-Care Is The New Feminism

We have the right to want more. We deserve to have space for ourselves in our lives. Self-care is the ground floor of the revolution. This is where we begin to reclaim our lives, even in the midst of a chaotic and complicated world. And that, my love, is life-changing.
03/18/2016 04:24 EDT