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Britt Hamilton

Communications Officer, World Vision Canada

Britt Hamilton helps to lift up the voices of children, families and communities through her work as a communications officer for World Vision Canada. Her career in the humanitarian sector started with a CIDA internship that took her to Pakistan to film a documentary about a family dealing with their daughter’s desire for a “love marriage”. Upon joining World Vision, she worked in emergency communications, helping media cover the agency’s response to natural disasters such as earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, floods in Pakistan and droughts in Africa. More recently she has been working on the advocacy side, striving to influence Canadian policy by promoting World Vision’s work in the areas of maternal, newborn and child health, food security, child protection, and aid effectiveness in fragile states.
Is Your Kid a 'Positive Deviant' When it Comes to Getty

Is Your Kid a 'Positive Deviant' When it Comes to Food?

In some parts of the world, being the parent of a child who deviates from the norm can be a great thing. In countries where malnutrition is a major problem, there are still some healthy kids around. Despite poverty and food scarcity, some parents find ways to raise well-nourished children.
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What Can You Do to Help on World Pneumonia PSI

What Can You Do to Help on World Pneumonia Day?

World Pneumonia Day is Monday, November 12. World Vision takes a look at the illness that claims the lives of more young children each year than any other -- and shares what you can do help. Pneumonia belongs to a notorious group of killers responsible for the deaths of 4.4-million children under the age of five each year.
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