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Brittany Krystantos


Brittany Krystantos is a 18-year-old young women who is the author of "I Am Not Your Average Teen." She grew up thinking being different was a bad thing, while she saw the world between her eyes - literally. She lived silently for the first seven years of her life, dealing with the world's efforts to bring her down to their level of insecurity, an experience that heavily shaped her life. When high school came along, she struggled silently, never telling anybody the bad thoughts that would find their way to her at night. It got so bad, it was make it or break it- change her life around or dwell in the negativity that consumed her life. She made a promise to herself: get up from the funk, smile more, laugh more, and get ready to rock this world. Britt speaks to teenagers and gives 11 simple tools in her book. She hopes to empower them to never feel alone, the way she did in high school.